6th Generation iPhone Out on September

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One sure-fire test that will prove your product has created a great impact on consumers is to assess if there had been an unstoppable buzz about the arrival of a new product version. One has to be careful though. An update that is too soon will kill the suspense but prolonging the wait may make people’s interest fade. And this is one challenge faced by Apple.

It all began on June 2007, when Steve Jobs the late CEO of Apple released the alluring iPhone and he did not stop there. He continued to and left the legacy of thrilling consumers with each new generation of the iPhone. The last release happened with its fifth generation iPhone 4S on October of 2011 and rumor has it that this year, around late September, the sixth generation will come through. Some say it will be dubbed as the iPhone 5, recent developments mentioned it will be called “The New iPhone” while there are still others betting it will be iPhone 4G. Whatever it will be, Apple surely is enjoying watching us squirm while waiting. If confusion already lingers on the mere name for the 6th generation iPhone, just imagine the clamor for how it will look like.

Actually, the release date has neither been confirmed nor rejected by reliable Apple spokespersons. Sources say that as the summer season approached, iPhone 4 and 4S orders were reduced significantly, hinting that the new iPhone will be out in the market in no time. A supplier in Taiwan, Pegatron Technology, started receiving orders for the 6th generation iPhone expected on September and they also claimed that a 7-inch iPad may come out by August.

As for how it looks like, sources cite that iMore editor-in-chief Rene Ritchie, who also correctly announced before that iPhone 4S would come out October of 2011, claimed that the next iPhone will retain the 3.5-inch screen (so much for finger-crossed designers with slightly larger screen predictions). Still, Ritchie did not exclude the fact that the screen may be bigger but it would not be as big as 4.5 inches. In fact, China’s Foxconn claimed the existence of iPhone 5 prototypes with 3.7 inches in size.

Apple will integrate the use of 4G LTE, given that it was introduced with the iPad 3 last March. LTE promises better upload and download speeds but it may cause some battery life conflicts to rise.

More sources say that the next iPhone would be multiplayer gaming-friendly as the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office released a patent for this, March of this year. Some guess that it will work similar to the “Find My Friends” app to detect nearby users and invite them to multiplayer games.

The same office mentioned about releasing an earlier patent, at around November of last year, for Apple to use the same aluminosilicate glass chemically treated with potassium and sodium to make it more crack-resistant.

So, how does the next iPhone will look like? Well, your guess is as good as mine.

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