Happy Independence Day Pakistan Long Live my Beloved Country

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It gives me immense pleasure to tell the world that my beloved country Pakistan has turned 65 years old today.

Today our country is home for millions of pious Muslims and yes we are the Nuclear Power. Nobody could even dare to challenge us because we have the assistance of Allah Almighty with us.

Pakistan the only country in the world that is based on an ideology, ideology of Islam. Pakistan is not a mere territorial expression of the cherished yearnings of the hundred million Muslims its a mindset indeed its existence is based purely upon the ideology of Islam.

Pakistan is a country which was achieved after immense sacrifices by our Muslim forefathers. How could we forget the endless struggle our ancestors had to do in order to let us breathe in a free state. Today we have an identity, an ideology, a respect, a unity, a home in this world just because our ancestors laid down their lives, sacrificed their desires , their wealth and everything just in the name of Allah Almighty. Millions of Muslim refugees were martyred by cruel Indians during the days of Pakistan movement, during the days when they were migrating to Pakistan, no where in the world could you find an example of such extreme sacrifices just for the sake of one mission “Creation of Pakistan”.

Yes we achieved independence, by the grace of Almighty Allah and the endless struggle of our fore fathers today we are living happily in an independent free country our very own Pakistan. We can lead our lives according to the teachings of Islam, we are free to move anywhere no body can impose his stance upon us.

We are celebrating this day with great fervor and enthusiasm. We have turned the Internet Green. Pakistani Flags are fluttering everywhere, The National Anthem and patriotic songs are playing everywhere.

On the other side if we look at our today’s scenario, it is no exaggeration to say never were we facing more critical times than we do now. Huge problems stare us in the face, seemingly overwhelming. Virtually all that matters is coming apart and worse , we believe we can’t change anything – it is beyond us.

But we can make a change if we start to believe in ourselves and think as one people. we can not afford to remain lost and purposeless no matter what the odds. We have to change and we can do it. The biggest homage we could pay to our heroes is to re dedicate us towards our mission the ideals of our forefathers, we should believe in Allah, think in the perspective of a Nation and stay united so that our enemies could repent the day they messed with us.

Let us celebrate the glory of our Nation and spirits of freedom by thanking Allah Almighty for his infinite blessings upon us. We are lucky enough to be called as Pakistani’s and I am proud to be a Pakistani. Thank you Allah, Thank you Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and all the Muslims who transformed impossible into possible.

May Allah keep this country sovereign, stronger, united, prosperous and happy till the day of Qayamat (day of judgement) and continue to shower his blessings upon all of us. Ameen.

Pakistan Zindabad.

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happy independence day pakistan

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