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Happy Independence Day Pakistan Long Live my Beloved Country

happy independence day pakistan
It gives me immense pleasure to tell the world that my beloved country Pakistan has turned 65 years old today. Today our country is home for millions of pious Muslims […] Continue ... Continue Reading →

Happy Ramadan Mubarak Wish to all Pakistani’s and Muslims across the World

Ramadan Mubarak
Assalam O Alaikum to all my sweet and lovely readers out there. I am extremely happy as the moon signals the arrival of the Holy Month of Ramazan. Wishing […] Continue Reading… Continue Reading →

6th Generation iPhone Out on September

apple iphone 4s
One sure-fire test that will prove your product has created a great impact on consumers is to assess if there had been an unstoppable buzz about the […] Continue Reading… Continue Reading →

Google Nexus 7 Tablet Device by Asus will run Android Jelly Bean

asus nexus 7
A lot has been happening around the technology world in June 2012. We already got a flavor of Microsoft Surface, Windows Phone 8 and heard about the iOS 6. Why […] Continue Reading… Continue Reading →

The first Official iPhone Video Advertisement

iphone 4s
iPhone is not only a smartphone its a craze. The first iPhone landed in the market on 29th June 2007 and since than it has aimed to change our […] Continue Reading… Continue Reading →

Sony & Panasonic Collaborate on Producing OLED Panels

Samsung Galaxy Note
It seems something is cooking within the headquarters of Japanese Electronics Equipment Manufacturing Companies. A news today popped out over the internet that grabbed my attention ... Continue Reading →

Windows 8 RTM expected in July 2012

windows 8 tablet
Microsoft has already created a buzz among avid Windows users regarding the upcoming Windows 8 OS. Today rumors have been popping up over the internet that suggest Microsoft will be ... Continue Reading →

Install Linux Ubuntu on Samsung Galaxy S III Android – Tutorial

Install Linux Ubuntu on Samsung Galaxy S III – Tutorial We already have our hands on the feature equipped adorable Samsung Galaxy S III for a while but still all […] Continue ... Continue Reading →

Listen up Small Businesses: Five Twitter Accounts to Follow

small business twitter
It happens every day. A small business creates a Twitter account, bombards the social media website with tweets for a week, and then completely abandons the […] Continue Reading… Continue Reading →

5 Innovative Ways Your Business Can Use Its Facebook Page

facebook pages business marketing
So you’ve got a Facebook page for your business up and running. It’s likely that you’re posting content on a regular basis – maybe blog entries or interesting quotes […] ... Continue Reading →

Wise & Effective Learning Strategies for Today’s Career Aspirants

effective learning strategies career aspirants
With the passage of time, one should always tend to sharpen one’s ability to understand and retain information, and then only he/she will be called a perfect learner. There […] ... Continue Reading →

Choosing the Best Cloud Service for Your Company

cloud services
Cloud Services are the next big thing in corporate world. When your site is becoming popular and there is constant growth in the number of visitors, you might want […] Continue ... Continue Reading →