Optimization Tips for Facebook Mobile Ads

Facebook has been in the spotlight since the beginning of 2012, earlier for its IPO (conversion to public limited company gaining almost $100 Billion market capitalization) and now for exploring a new revenue stream “Facebook Mobile Ads”.

According to an estimate Facebook has 845 million active users across the globe out of which 450 million access Facebook through Mobile Devices.

The IPO of Facebook has unveiled one of the most prominent operational deficiencies i.e the need to monetize its mobile users base that will soon be accomplished through the launch of a brand new Mobile Ads Program called Facebook Mobile Ads. While Facebook might succeed in addressing stakeholders concerns but at the same time risks the demise of its mobile users base due to dwindling levels of user experience once the mobile ads program gets active.

Facebook Mobile Ads are expected to roll out in the beginning of March 2012 but here are the 5 valuable optimization tips to get the maximum out of spending money on Facebook Mobile Ads.

1- Pick the Promising Ad Slot:-

Unlike Desktop Devices Mobile Devices have short screen sizes so it is easier for a user to ignore the ads centered at the top and at the bottom of their screen.

Certain reports suggest to overcome this weakness Facebook are integrating their ads in the format of status updates within the middle of news feed and sidebar that may grab user attention quickly and effectively. Although Facebook might establish high tariffs for these ad slots but it is worth spending money where ads get maximum exposure.

2- Create Short Compelling Titles

In Mobile Devices the ads must contain minimum graphics and should comprise of short compelling titles. It would be wise to place an interrogative description such as “Are you satisfied with your Mobile Carrier Tariffs” or like ” Now Call your friends and family just for $0.01″. Research has shown users are more curious over interrogative statements.

3- Optimize your Website for Mobile Devices

The Facebook Mobile Ads will redirect huge volumes of targeted traffic towards your Business Website so optimization for mobile devices is a necessity.

In order to leave a healthy impression upon potential customers it is advised to create an iPhone, Android, WP 7 App for your Business. The website must be audited to ensure it is ready for high conversions with proper product description, rates, distributors, customer testimonials etc.

4- Location Based Adverts

As more mobile users tag themselves into various locations through Geo Tagging or checking in to various places. Facebook is going to localize the ads in order to target more appropriate customers so ensure you have your correct mailing and business address clearly stated on your website/ fan page.

5- Be Proactive in Launching Campaign

Another tip is to get an edge over your competitors by being the first one to launch a brand new campaign in your niche. Launching Facebook Mobile Ads campaign within the programs infancy may not only allow incentives from Facebook in terms of free suggestions and free ad space but also retain benefits such as more conversion rates due to unfamiliarity of users about these ads.

Facebook Mobile Ads Optimization Tips

Facebook Mobile Ads Optimization Tips